Wisconsin Endodontic Group

Dr. Anne Fergus, Dr. Tom Goddard & Dr. Raison Bose

Wisconsin Endodontic Group, S.C.

Our team of dedicated doctors and staff strive to provide endodontic care in a comfortable, caring environment. The office is equipped with the latest technology including digital radiographs and microscopes.  We are a paperless office and offer on-line registration for your convenience. Typical endodontic procedures include root canal therapy, retreatment and apicoectomy (root canal surgery). 

CBCT, 3-D digital imaging, is now available in our office.  Nitrous oxide or laughing gas is also available.

Your dental health is our top priority at Wisconsin Endodontic Group.  Our entire team is here to provide you with gentle, personalized care.

Please call our office if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment.

Practice Profile

Our practice was founded in 1968 on the concept of the highest standards of skill and personal patient care.  Dr. Anne Fergus joined the practice in 1998 and Dr. Tom Goddard followed in 2005.  Dr. Fergus is a graduate of the University of Iowa Dental School and has her certificate in Endodontics from University of Florida.  Dr. Goddard is a graduate of the University of Nebraska Dental School and completed his Endodontic training at the University of Iowa. Dr. Raison Bose joined our practice in September 2011.  He is a graduate of the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio for both his DDS degree and his certificate in Endodontics.  Our retired partners are Dr. Ronald Meyers, Dr. Richard Bence and Dr. Richard Knoff.

Patient Testimonials

"I used nitrous oxide for the first time and would highly recommend it for patients who are "dental phobic." It is the best way to reduce your own anxiety. No side effects at all." Michelle Z.

"I was extremely pleased with the entire experience I had with the Wisconsin Endodontic Group. Dr. Raison Bose and Daelyn, clinical assistant. I was in a lot of pain upon arrival. They were kind, compassionate and professional. I was able to get in on an emergency call and was very grateful. I came back to have my work completed and all is good. It is healing and I am pain free and happy. Thank you to everyone. I appreciate your care." Kathleen J.

"Dr. Goddard and his staff are the consummate professionals. They listened to my concerns, addressed every one of them, and acted quickly to correct my problem. The care I received was exceptional, and the results were more than amazing. What a gift it was to be pain-free after a very difficult few days with an abscess. I would refer Dr. Goddard to anyone in need of this sort of service."   Carol R.

"Thank you for the great care and comfort provided during my recent surgery. No one wants to be a patient in your chair, but the kindness, and gentle comfort provided by Heather, Janina and Dr. Fergus we exceptional and very much appreciated from this very nervous and anxious patient." Connie B.

" Very well done; there was no discomfort. Thank you for all of help. The N20 worked well for root canal, and relaxed me during procedure." John  P.

Wow! The staff help me to relax and made having a root canal not so bad. I felt no pain and was treated with respect. Lisa was amazing and guided me through the process. I am in NO pain and am able to go back to work! Thank you to all at WEG! I would highly recommend Dr. Bose

"Very nice Dr. (Goddard) I heard many horror stories about root canals.  This was less painful than going to my regular dentist.  I won't be afraid again should I ever need to have this done in the future.  He also has a great staff!"  Soon to be pain free!

"I just wanted send my thanks to The Wisconsin Endodontic Group for a very pleasant and trouble-free experience. While I hope I do not need another root canal in the future, my experience at your office was so painless and professional that I would not hesitate to recommend you to my closest family and friends.  You told me that it was like having a filling but takes longer to perform.  I can truly say that the procedure and its aftermath were surprisingly pain free.  I am almost certain that I have had fillings that caused more pain than my root canal.  Thank you for doing such an excellent job, Dr. Fergus and assistant.  Your reassuring manner and great skill are greatly appreciated and rank you at the top of your profession.  From the minute you began the process and all throughout I knew that I was in the hands of a team that would get the job done effectively and completely.  It is day two and I have virtually no pain.  It will likely only get better from her on out.  Thanks again for your care."  David W.

"My tooth had been hurting for a while. I didn't want to rush having it looked at as I was in hopes that it would fix itself. Nope, didn't happen. My dentist referred me to WI. Endodontic Group. I'd rather attend an 8 hour insurance seminar than have a root canal. My drive to the dental office was not done intrepidly. "Darn, they're open". At the reception area I was greeted by a cheerful Erin. Efficient, friendly, good sense of humor. "Hey, so far so good"! Erin said I'd have to have my picture taken. "Stand in front of the blue mat". I couldn't find a mat. Jokes on me, the 'mat' is on the wall. Then a cheerful Lisa came out and called me in the room. Talk about a wonderful personality. "This is going pretty good". She explained EVERY THING in detail. This was great but not really caring about looking at my tooth in an X-Ray I just wanted it over with. Just the same Lisa got every thing done and in came Dr. Bose. Soft spoken, reassuring man. As soon as he started working on my tooth I could tell he was picky and anal. I like that in a guy. Took his time and I'm sure that he did a great job. Before you know it, done. No pain at all, except for Lisa pinching my arm with her chair, no muss, no fuss. That's it. Lisa just had to show me the X-Ray of the completed tooth. "Ok, looks good to me, thanks, can I go now"? Yup, that was it. I also met a few other ladies who were just as kind and cheerful as Lisa and Erin. Very rare to have a complete staff of such great people. YOU make the experience more bearable than it could have been. Should my wife or any one in my family, friends, neighbors, etc. need a root canal I will advise them that this is the only place to. Thank you Dr. Bose, Lisa, Erin and every one. Oh, speaking of anal ~ Lisa: The desk in the reception area is facing the wrong way."  Don Schmidt

"Dr. Goddard was amazing. I was very nervous and he made me feel completely at ease. They even asked me what type of music I preferred. I felt no pain and everything took only about an hour. I would recommend him to anyone seeking root canal therapy." Morgan H.